The Great TaylorMade

TaylorMade is easily one of the greatest golf equipment production companies in the history of the game. The company offers an extensive line of innovative and highly effective designs which are completely based on the technology standards of the era. The products offered by Taylor made golf clubs are for players of all different ages and all various skill sets.

The company has always held a major presence within the PGA Tour and virtually all competitive golf tournaments across the world. TaylorMade has built a subsidary incorporated with Adidas-Salomon Golf and between both companies it has become the largest golf manufacturing companies in the entire world. The pairings of these companies have also spawned some of the most innovative companies the game has ever seen.

Adida is considered in the same ranking as Nike when it comes to athletic shoes, apparel and equipment, so by having such an fantastic incorporation of sport company greats, bodes extremely well for not only the golfing fans but for themselves as well. Salomon is vastly known for it’s stance as the leader in snow skis, boards, bindings, boots and outdoor footwear.

TaylorMade really came into prominence in 2002, when they integrated in a new sense of design, which had developed and had yielded RAC Technology. RAC (Relative Amplitude Coefficient) is a special type of iron which incorporates “feel pockets” milled into the very back of the clubhead that will channel particular effects and sounds through a particular vibration in specific areas of the club.

The release of RAC irons saw a new type of taylormade golf clubs, which had been made for an oversized lower trajectory and the true definition of muscle back models. It is releases like the RAC series which have always kept TaylorMade in the forefront of the revolutionary golf equipment companies and why the real golfing enthusiast have always turned to the company.